Prepare for Future Power Outages by Having a Backup Generator Installed at Your Boston, MA, Home

Backup Generator Boston MAIf you’ve ever been through a lengthy power outage during a Boston winter, you understand what an unpleasant experience it can be for your entire family. Sure, you can make it through the first night huddled around a fireplace, but eventually, you’re going to have to head to a hotel or friend’s house. If you never want to experience the unpleasantries of living without power again, VMA Electric can install a backup generator that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. We’re an experienced electrical contractor that has been serving the area for more than a decade, and we take great pride in delivering outstanding products and service at a fair price.

Our Generator Options

When you contact us about a backup generator, we will visit your home to discuss your needs so we can determine the correct product option. The size of the generator you choose will depend on the number of appliances/electrical systems you want to be able to power, as well as your budget. Options include:

  • A whole-house generator – Installed permanently outside your home and tied to your natural gas line, this type of generator can power your entire home for days on end.
  • A portable generator – These smaller generators can be stored in a garage and often run on gasoline. They can provide power to a few appliances at once but need frequent refueling.

Contact VMA Electric today if you would like to schedule a consultation at your Boston-area home to learn more about the backup generator installation services we offer.