Can a Backup Generator Get Wet?

Can a backup generator get wet?One of the most common dilemmas homeowners face during a power outage is whether or not they should use their portable generator during the rain. Safety rules state that you should never run a backup generator in your garage or another enclosed space, and you should keep it at least 10 feet from your home. Running a generator near an open window is also a bad idea.

So, what should you do if it’s raining?

The simple answer is, if you don’t have a dry, covered spot that’s far enough away from your home, you shouldn’t use a portable generator during wet weather. The risk of electrocution is just too great.

What Are My Options?

One way to ensure this will never be an issue for you is to have a whole-house generator installed at your home. These units generate enough electricity to power your entire home and are designed to operate in any kind of weather – rain, snow, etc. Often powered by natural gas, whole house generators activate automatically when an outage occurs and can keep your entire family comfortable during a blackout.

Have Your Whole House Generator Installed Today

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