Can You Run a Generator 24 Hours a Day?

Can You Run a Generator 24 Hours a Day? Having a whole-house backup generator standing by to power your home in the event of an outage is a fantastic luxury that your neighbors will undoubtedly be envious of. But, how long can you rely on your generator if a blackout lasts more than a few hours? Thanks to the quality of the generators available these days, the answer may surprise you.

Maintenance is Key

With a continuous supply of natural gas fed through a pipeline servicing the home, a whole-house generator can run continuously for as long as needed. This can come in handy during the winter months when storms can knock down power lines for several days, leaving your family huddles around a fireplace. However, regular maintenance will be necessary if you want to keep your generator running smoothly. Many models are designed to have a lifetime of 3,000 hours or more, but only if maintenance and oil are provided regularly. It is suggested that you have your generator looked at by a professional after every 200 hours of use.

Expert Generator Installation Services

If you live in the Marlborough, Massachusetts, area and are interested in having a whole-house backup generator installed, VMA Electric can help. We offer products that are engineered to withstand the local climate and provide countless hours of comfort for your family. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure that your new generator is installed with precision, and we back their work with a one-year guarantee.

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