Does a Whole House Generator Add Value to Your Home?

Does a whole house generator add value to your home?While having a whole house backup generator installed may only result in a marginal increase in your home’s value, you can’t put a price tag on the convenience it will provide. Consumer Reports estimates that a home’s value can increase 3-5% with the addition of a whole house backup generator, while Remodeling Magazine estimates that you could enjoy a 150% return on your investment if you sell your home. That means a backup generator system that cost $10,000 to have installed could result in an extra $15,000 in your pocket when the home sells.

Why Are Whole House Generators So Valued?

The true value of a whole house backup generator is only realized when the power is out for an extended period of time and your home is the only one on the block with power. During the winter, this could mean the difference between staying at home and having to relocate to a hotel. Whole house backup generators are installed outside the home and turn on instantly when power is interrupted. These natural gas-powered units are designed to provide enough power for the entire home for an unlimited amount of time.

Another option is a portable generator, which can be stored in the garage when not in use and can provide power for a few appliances, such as a refrigerator or HVAC system.

Expert Generator Installation

If you are interested in having a whole house backup generator installed at your home in the Marlborough, Massachusetts, area, look to VMA Electric. We install generators from top manufacturers, such as Generac, and have been helping area homeowners stay comfortable during power outages for more than a decade. Contact us today to learn more.