Prepare Your Framingham, MA, Home for Power Outages with a Gas Generator from VMA Electric

Gas Generator Framingham MAPower outages because of winter storms are an unfortunate part of life in the Framingham, Massachusetts, area, so why not be prepared for the next one. If you want your family to be able to stay comfortable at home when the power goes out, consider having a gas generator installed by VMA Electric. Our experienced installation specialists can help you select a generator that will be able to provide sufficient backup power for your home, then install it with precision so it’s ready to spring into action when needed. We offer whole-house and portable generators from respected manufacturer Generac, so you can count on yours to be reliable and durable.

If you choose a whole-house gas generator, it will be permanently installed outside your home and will automatically turn on when the power goes out. If a portable model is better for your budget, then you can store it in the garage and use it to power portions of your home as needed. A portable model can also be used to provide power on a camping trip or at a cookout. Additionally, if you already own a backup generator, we can provide maintenance as needed to ensure it is ready to perform to your satisfaction.

VMA Electric has been providing electrical services to homeowners throughout the Framingham, MA, area since 2008 and offers a combination of customer service and electrical expertise that the competition can’t match. Contact us today for more information about our gas generator installation and maintenance services.