VMA Electric – Providing Generac Generators in Marlborough & Natick, MA

Generac Generators Marlborough & Natick MAGenerac generators have long been one of the most respected backup generator options on the market, and if you are considering purchasing one for your home in Marlborough, Natick, or another nearby town in Massachusetts, look no further than VMA Electric. At VMA Electric, we will help you choose the correct backup generator for your home to ensure your family won’t have to endure the aggravation of prolonged blackouts.

We’ve been installing Generac generators in the Marlborough and Natick, MA, area since 2008, and our experienced installation technicians strive to stay current on all the most recent technology and innovations, so they can help you make the correct choice for your home. And, in addition to installing new home generators, we also offer regular maintenance on your existing generators to ensure they continue functioning properly.

When you make the decision to purchase one of our Generac generators for your home in Marlborough or Natick, MA, you have two types to choose from:

• A whole-house generator will make you the envy of the neighborhood during a prolonged outage. A permanently installed outdoor unit will turn on within seconds when a blackout occurs, ensuring your house stays online and your family’s comfort isn’t interrupted.
• A portable generator can be used to power any appliance or electrical component you want, allowing you to ensure that your refrigerated food doesn’t spoil while waiting for the power to come back on.

Whichever option you choose, all of our Generac generators are built to withstand the harsh outdoor elements so they won’t fail during a storm, and they also come with a comprehensive warranty to protect your investment.

For more information about the different models of Generac generators we offer, or to have your current generator serviced at your home in Marlborough or Natick, MA, contact VMA Electric today.