VMA Electric Installs Home Generators for Residents of the Framingham, MA, Area

Home Generators Framingham MA

You do a lot to prepare your home in the Framingham, Massachusetts, area for the winter months, but do your preparations include the installation of a backup generator? Home generators installed by VMA Electric can greatly reduce the costs that will be incurred if a prolonged power outage occurs, eliminating the need for a hotel stay and ensuring that the food in your refrigerator doesn’t spoil. A generator can also provide a great deal of convenience, allowing life in your home to proceed as normal without missing a beat.

Our Generators

VMA Electric has been providing the installation and maintenance of home generators since 2008, and the products we offer are built to withstand the often-harsh local climate. We offer whole-house units that are permanently installed outside of homes and turn on immediately when an outage is detected. These gas-powered units are able to provide power for the entire home indefinitely. We also sell portable generators, which can be used to power a few appliances – such as a refrigerator or space heater – and can also be used for camping trips, tailgating, etc.

Plus, if you choose a whole-house generator, then you can count on our experienced electricians to provide precise installation and handle all regular maintenance, as needed. We also back our work with a one-year guarantee to provide added peace of mind.

Contact VMA Electric today if you would like more information about the home backup generators we offer to homeowners in the Framingham, MA, area.