Home Automation / Integration…

Homes are changing and being impacted by the general changes in American
Society. The need of technology is now a reality and we find our clients
wanting to integrate different aspects of the wiring systems. Many home and
business owners are including security, lighting control, audio and video,
temperature control, and cameras into their plans. This is where home
automation comes into play. Let VMA Electric design a system that includes
the features you want based on your individual needs and budget. A home
automation system controls and monitors various home systems to maximize
safety, comfort, convenience, and energy savings. Our systems can be
installed in new construction or can be retrofitted into existing homes. We
strongly believe that there is a home automation system for every lifestyle.

Lighting Control

Residential lighting control systems can be designed to control a single
room or the entire home. This means lighting can be dimmed or switched
adjusting to the time-of-day or specific activities. Keypads are placed at
the owner’s choice of locations. So, with just a touch of a button, the room
lighting levels automatically adjust to the desired levels. Keypads can be
activated via wireless remote control, allowing the lighting to be adjusted
from anywhere in the home. Custom laser engraved light switches are also
available to personalize the lighting in the rooms for a romantic evening or
social gathering. Lighting Control can be retrofit into existing homes
without adding new wiring.

Security Control

home system takes the place of a standard security system. It features
built-in UL Listed, CP-01 compliant security and fire systems to detect
intrusion, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, water and other hazards through
wired and wireless sensors. It provides the ultimate in safety for your
family with features not found in a standard security system such as inside
and outside light control in the event of a security alarm. It can even turn
off the air conditioner automatically in the event of a fire to prevent the
spreading of smoke throughout the home. A home control security system may
be personalized to notify you by telephone, email and internet surveillance
or by central monitoring of an alarm event. Not only can you call or log in
to the internet to check or change the security, temperature, or light
settings, the system can call or email you alerts as they happen. Have your
system call you when your children have arrived home from school or if the
alarm has gone off. Tell us your needs and we will design a system just for

Whole House Video / Audio Control

you want to enjoy music and movies in every room of your house or from a
single source? One person listens to Jazz in the living room, while another
works out to more rhythmic tunes in the recreation room. Music can shape the
mood for every area. It is our commitment to bring the most innovative,
highest quality music experience into your homes at an affordable price.
Every family member has different musical tastes and we have a number of
solutions for being able to share music anywhere in the home.

We have solutions that enable you to enjoy clear, sharp TV, movie and
security camera video signals everywhere in your home. Have you ever wished
you could know what was happening at your property while you were gone, or
have you ever wanted to check on your children or pets from a remote
location in your house? Our video solutions let you manage video cameras in
your house through a user- friendly interface. You can view thumbnails of
multiple cameras and then select one to see a large display.

Temperature Control

By controlling temperature and lighting based on time of day or occupancy,
our systems can reduce energy costs. Our home control systems can offer
convenient control of energy management with Touch screens, the internet, or
the home telephone. Have you ever gone on vacation and wondered if you had
forgotten to adjust the temperature before you left. Simply call your home
and you will have the ability to find out the current outdoor/indoor
temperature and adjust if needed.


We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you

the best service in the industry.