How Do You Determine What Size of Generator You Need?

How Do You Determine What Size of Generator You Need?A backup generator is a great investment for your home, especially when the power goes out during a sub-zero winter storm. While your neighbors may need to pack up and head to a hotel, your family can relax at home in comfort. However, the size of the generator you choose matters, especially if you’re hoping to power your entire home.

There are two types of backup generator to consider:


These units are often powered by gasoline and can provide power for a few appliances at a time. However, they will only stay running as long as their fuel supply allows and need to be in a protected area during rain.


A whole-house generator is permanently installed outside your home and tied directly into your natural gas line. When the power goes off, it activates automatically and can provide uninterrupted power for your home for as long as needed.

Determining what size generator is right for you is relatively simple. Just walk through your home and make note of the appliances and electrical systems that you want to be able to use during a blackout, and add up the wattage they require.

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