How Long Can You Run a Backup Generator?

How Long Can You Run a Backup Generator?Are you looking for a way to ensure your family isn’t left out in the cold again during a power outage? A backup generator is a great way to keep the heat on and important appliances running during a blackout, but for how long? The answer to that question depends on the type of generator you choose.

Determining Your Needs

There are two different types of backup generators you could choose for your home:

  • Portable – These generators are small and can be stored in a garage until needed. They run on gasoline and can power a single appliance (smaller units) or several appliances. The downside is you will need to refill the gas frequently, and you will likely have extension cords running through your house. Portable generators will continue to operate until the gasoline powering them runs out.
  • Whole house – A whole house generator is exactly what the name implies – it can supply all of the electricity needed to power your entire home. These units are installed permanently outside the home, run for as long as needed on natural gas, and activate immediately when an outage occurs.

To determine the type of generator you want, make a list of the appliances and other electrical components in your house that you want to provide power for during an outage. Then, simply add up the required wattage for each and make sure you choose a generator that provides enough power.

Generator Installation Services

If you live in the MetroWest region of the Boston, Massachusetts, area, VMA Electric can install and maintain the perfect backup generator to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more.