How Often Should I Service My Generator?

How Often Should I Service My Generator?A backup generator can be a great luxury for your home, especially during extended power outages. However, if you want your generator to be ready to spring into action and power your home when a blackout hits, it’s important that it receives regular service so it can perform as expected.

The frequency of service for your backup generator – whether whole-house or portable – will depend greatly on the amount it is used. A general rule is that your backup generator’s oil should be changed every 50-60 hours of use to improve reliability. Other basic maintenance steps include:

  • Providing a thorough cleaning and checking for leaks annually
  • Replacing the oil filter each time the oil is changed
  • Replacing the air filter once a year to ensure proper air intake
  • Changing the spark plugs after approximately 100 hours of use

Backup Generator Installation

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