What Can You Run On a 2,000-Watt Generator?

What Can You Run On a 2,000-Watt Generator?If you’re trying to be prepared for a power outage by purchasing a portable backup generator, it’s important to do your research to see what size generator will be needed. One of the more common sizes of portable backup generator is 2,000 watts. These gasoline-powered units usually cost in the $300 to $600 range and are a good option if you are hoping to power a large appliance or electrical system or several small appliances. Some of the essential appliances that you will likely be able to power with a 2,000-watt generator include:

  • A deep freezer
  • An electric range
  • A microwave oven
  • A sump pump
  • A well pump
  • A 10,000 BTU window unit air conditioner
  • A mid-sized ENERGY STAR®-rated refrigerator
  • A radiant heater

There is a long list of non-essential appliances that can be run using a 2,000-watt backup generator, including a ceiling fan (150 average wattage), computer (150), television (250), washing machine (500), coffee maker (1,000), toaster (1,200), and more.

Whole-House Generators

If you’d rather not have to worry about switching power between appliances when needed during an outage, consider having a whole-house generator installed by VMA Electric. These units are permanently installed outside your Marlborough, Massachusetts-area home and can be connected directly to your natural gas line. They automatically activate when an outage occurs and continuously power your entire home for as long as needed so your whole family can stay comfortable.

VMA Electric is a full-service electrical contractor that has been serving area homeowners since 2008 and enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you would like to learn more about our backup generator installation services, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.