Whole House Audio & Video Capabilities for Homeowners in Sudbury & Wayland, MA

Whole House Audo Sudbury & Wayland MAIf you’d like to have a whole house audio or whole house video system installed in your home in Sudbury or Wayland, Massachusetts, a call to VMA Electric is the only one you need to make. As a full-service electrical contractor, we know our way around both audio and video. But we don’t stop at just wiring and technicalities for A/V; we also seek to provide our neighbors in the area with some of the finest equipment to make the in-home audio and visual experience truly exceptional.

At VMA Electric, we make it possible to have both high-quality sound and multiple sources of video provided throughout your entire home. Here’s how we do it:

  • Whole house audio – We install state-of-the-art audio systems from Sonos, the company that is paving the future for customized home audio. With a Sonos system at your disposal, you can remotely play one source of audio on every speaker in your entire home or you can opt to play a different audio feed on each individual speaker simultaneously. Our team can even provide you with an intricate surround-sound system to accompany a television or two in your home.
  • Whole house video – Using something known as distributive video, we can allow you to watch different television channels on up to six TVs in your home, while needing only a single cable box. So, there’s no more fighting over who gets to watch what, and you’ll be able to save on your monthly cable bill as well.

For additional information about the whole house audio and video solutions that our team can provide for you in Sudbury or Wayland, MA, please contact VMA Electric today.